There are many situations where you may want to apply for your GCMS notes, the most popular ones are: 1) your application is refused; or 2) you want to know the detailed progressing your current application.  If you have had an application refused, you may wish to see your file to understand the reason(s) IRCC had for refusing your visa. If you have been asked to attend an interview, you may wish to obtain your notes to find out why the interview was requested, so that you can be well prepared for the IRCC officer’s questions.

The system holds information on permanent residence applications, work permits, study permits and visitor visas.

Usually it take 30 calendar days to receive the requested file.

If you want us to apply on your behalf, please provide the scan copy of the following:

  • Passport
  • Refusal letter/ correspondence letter/ acknowledge
  • Advise us if you are requesting a physical file or the notes.

Service fee: $80.00 or CNY¥400.00 – CAIPS