Police Certificate

Icestar can obtain police clearance for applicants who have lived, studied or worked in foreign countries. No more hassles to contact different departments.

We provide free service to book appointments for applicants in Montreal to apply for the RCMP clearance. The applicants only have to follow our instructions and bring required documents in person for the fingerprints.


Fees: $100.00 or CNY¥500.00 – Police certificate – France

$126.00 or CNY¥630.00 – Police certificate – Germany

$190.00 or CNY¥950.00 – Police certificate – U.K(Regular)

$260.00 or CNY¥1,300.00 – Police certificate – U.K(Express)

$125.00 or CNY¥625.00 – Police certificate – U.S.A.


* The above fee includes processing/service/mailing.

* If you need a police certificate other than the listed, please contact us for the rate.